The Claymont Society for Continuous Education

Founded on the principles, tenets, and ideology of J.G. Bennett’s “A Call for a New Society.”

By living in a sustainable community, human beings are capable of unlimited self-perfecting.
This quest for physical, emotional, and spiritual enlightenment, gives meaning to our lives as individuals and as human beings.
At Claymont we gather together in a variety of ways to work toward the enlightenment of ourselves and our community.

There are many ways that you can become involved at Claymont. From our Community Garden, to the WWOOFing program, to Residency, or Spiritual Education we encourage participation.

Please take a moment on this website, read about our community, and contact us to schedule a visit.

The Claymont Society is also pleased to host regular spiritual seminars in our Great Barn and Mansion facilities.
If you are looking for Claymont Seminars, please visit the Seminars Website.

We look forward to hearing from you and growing our community.

We Need You!

The Claymont Society is always seeking potential community members. Some of the benefits are: Mentoring in spiritual work with the aim of transformation, with emphasis on G.I. Gurdjieff’s 4th Way and J.G. Bennett’s approach to it. Work in a traditional path toward greater responsibility and service, in a small community that is spiritually oriented and multi-generational. Access to a variety of educational and spiritual events, both in-house and those open to the public as a part of our seminar and retreat program. Beautiful historic, rural setting with easy access to Washington D.C.Established organic gardening operation. Availability of Mevlevi Sufi (whirling dervish) training.



For more information, contact our Executive Director, Amy Silver, at