A Short History…

Mr BennettThe Claymont Society for Continuous Education was founded 1974 by J.G. Bennett (pictured right). Unfortunately Mr. Bennett passed from this world in December, only a short time after Claymont was purchased. Mr. Bennett’s vision was continued by Director of Studies, Pierre Elliot. Mr. Elliot was assisted in these efforts by Manford Bloom. Today, Claymont continues in the tradition of Mr. Bennett through physical, mental, and spiritual education. Community members work in our sustainable garden, educate themselves and their community, and work to support the Claymont Society businesses.

The work here at Claymont is founded on J.G. Bennett’s “Call for a New Society.” Bennett envisioned a thriving and vital community that would change the way we looked at the world. By embracing the ideals of community, hard work, self-perfection, and committing to sustainable existence Bennett foresaw that our society would be transformed.

At Claymont we strive to continue Bennett’s vision through financially stable business, environmentally sound food production, locally supported crafts, sustainable land & resource management, as well as intermediate technology.  Claymont is open to all those who are interested in being part of a community with a shared ideological foundation. By being a part of Claymont you will learn more about Bennett’s ideals of self-perfection, integrated and sustainable agriculture, food production/craft production, Claymont Court Seminars management, historical restoration & maintenance, and much more.

Many ways to be a part of Claymont

Residency, Society Membership, WWOOFing, and Community Supported Agriculture
are all valued aspects of the Claymont Community.

This website is designed to introduce you to the Mission & Vision, Tenets, important ideology of the Claymont Society, and the Process for Residency.


Friends of Claymont include: Camp Caravan