The Residential Process

  • Interest – The first step in Claymont Residency is to read about J.G. Bennett, the Claymont Community, the Claymont Mission, the Call for a New Society, and our Guiding Tenants.  This will give you a good foundation to determine if life at Claymont might be for you. These readings can be done before or during your application process.
  • Apply – The next step is to contact our Visitor Coordinator by Phone (304) 725-4437 or Email to fill out your application and to schedule your Claymont Visit. The Visitor Coordinator can also answer any questions you may have.
  • Visitor – The next step in the process is to visit with Claymont for 3 weeks. During this period of time you will live on the property and contribute to the community the same ways that Residents do. This will allow you to gain a real understanding of what life at Claymont is like.
  • Internship – Interns will be given opportunities to learn about and participate in the spiritual, practical, and interpersonal work of living as a community. Internship is the final step prior to full residency. During this phase applicants live on the property full time for 1 year. Applicants live in Claymont housing, contribute to the community work in an ongoing and timely basis, learn about Bennett & the founding principles of Claymont, and participate in ongoing Spiritual and Inner Work. Interns submit to periodic review to assess their time at Claymont.
  • Full Residency – At the end of the Internship year both the Intern and the Claymont community will review the application and decide if Claymont Residency is suitable. If the applicant is accepted as a Full Resident then s/he will have all the rights and responsibilities of full residents.

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Requirements for Residency

Expectations of Residency