Our Practice

Claymont is a community centered around spirituality and work on oneself, in particular work on oneself
in accordance with the principles of Mr. J.G. Bennett and his teachers.


This is our practice

I expect these behaviors of myself.
We expect these behaviors of ourselves and others.

I expect others to honor their commitments:
to ourselves as individuals, to each other as a community, and to the Greater Good and all Creation.

We expect that we shall work on ourselves. To this end:

We will work in order to provide materially for ourselves and others.

We will work to become better human beings.
We will work to understand how to work with others,
and understand how work with others helps us understand and experience how the world works.

We will work to fulfill our obligations; to ourselves, each other, and the larger world.

We will work to help each other, considering our Individual and Collective Spiritual Evolution, leading to a greater alignment with the Divine.

In order to assist in these efforts each of us will have an Aim for our Inner work. It is understood that our Aim may change as our understanding of our Spiritual Work changes and deepens, and that our specific Work may change.

We will work on increasing our conscious awareness of our sensations, feelings, and thinking, developing greater presence by our work and receptivity to Sacred Influences.

We will use this increased awareness to work against egoism and to discern how emotional negativity and useless physical tension consume our energy. These distract us from work on our aim, and we will work for release from these.

We expect that we will work to develop greater Consciousness,
and greater awareness of Conscience.

Specifically, to attain these aims we expect each other to maintain a daily practice. Examples may include:

A daily sitting, daily mindfulness of breath, daily active inner practices, and daily reflection on our work.

Participation in groups, Movements work, Inner Work meetings.

Work Weekends, and other CSCE events as possible, as well as other spiritual practices.

Read books on the Fourth Way, including books written by Bennett and his Teachers.