Pretty flower logoTenets For Community

These Six Tenets have been chosen as the focus for our Inner and Outer work. By holding these Tenets in mind and approaching the task at hand with initiative and creativity, always refining our efforts, and keeping in mind knowledge of the whole we are better able to understand ourselves and the world around us.

Operational Excellence
-Each of us will contribute to the optimal running of the property, systems and infrastructure with understanding of the current operational needs.

Financial Sustainability
-We will commit to keeping The Society financially stable by contributing to the Claymont Court Seminars, educational programs, agriculture, cottage industries, publishing, and other business as defined by the Claymont charter.

Spiritual Focus
-We are committed to a spiritual life and to a spiritual direction for the community. This includes participation in group practice, maintaining our personal spiritual practice & honoring and supporting the practice of others.

Healthy Community
-Each person is committed to building strong and healthy community. Each will participate in community building activities, take responsibility for our own emotional and psychological health, and learn to use technologies available for transforming conflict. At all times we strive to hold one another in the highest personal regard.

Environmental Stewardship
-We practice environmental stewardship through applying the permaculture principles of land-use, reducing personal consumption and waste, and holding a sense of responsibility towards the land that Claymont occupies specifically and value of the earth generally.

-We all endeavor to serve and share with the Community, the Society, and our greater local community and neighbors.