Frequently Asked Questions


As a resident how many hours must I contribute?
Residents are required to commit to 40 hours of community contributions per month.

How is my contribution tracked?
Residents create and present a contribution commitment plan for the upcoming month to other residents at the mandatory Resident’s Meeting. The next month, Residents report back to the community on their successes, changes to the plan, and hours fulfilled. A summary of Resident working hours is turned in for long-term tracking. 

What counts as a contribution?
Contributions come in many forms. Hours in the kitchen, ground maintenance, technological research, event laundry, event cleaning, business management, grant writing, office work, etc. all count toward your contribution to Claymont. Plans for personal growth, stretch tasks, and inner work can and should be talked about at the Resident’s meeting, but these will not count towards Claymont work hour requirements.

Can I use my time at Claymont just to research technology and practices that interest me?
No. The needs of the Claymont Community and Businesses come before personal interest. Ideally the needs of Claymont will match areas that interest you. However, in the event where Claymont needs your labor or skills these needs must be met before Residents are free to pursue personal interests. Regardless of need, Claymont commitments must have a benefit to the Claymont community to be counted as part of your contribution commitment for residency.

What are the benefits and rights of being a Full Resident?
Full Residents are eligible to become Sponsors for future Interns, become members of different Claymont Committees such as Management, Landskeeping, Resident Membership, etc., and may be eligible for Claymont Society Membership.

Is being a Claymont Society Member different from being a Claymont Resident?
Yes! You can be a Society Member, a Resident, or you can be both. Residency is not required for Society Membership, nor is Society Membership required to begin Residency. Residents and Society Members fulfill different and necessary functions for Claymont.