Claymont residents fulfill a vital need in the Claymont Community and are the backbone of the community. As such, Residency is a serious decision and not everyone is suited to Residency. Because of this, Claymont has developed a process that allows prospective Residents and the current community to learn about each other over time.

Individuals interested in Claymont Residency are first asked to Visit Claymont for a short period of time (3 weeks). Once both Claymont and the prospective Resident have decided to move on to the next step, the individuals becomes an Intern for 1 year. After a successful internship, and with approval from the Residential Community, you can be approved as a Full Member of the Claymont Community.

A community relies on the strengths and skills of its members. In adherence of J.G. Bennett’s philosophy of self-perfection, Claymont asks that all Claymont Residents and Members develop a specialization that combines individual strengths and areas of interest with the short and long term needs of the community and Claymont Businesses. Claymont actively seeks out and recruits those who have mastered different skill sets and have focused on areas of specialization that can contribute to the Claymont Community.All residents are encouraged to develop an area of specialization and attain advanced training during their continued time with Claymont.  Some areas that you could become involved in our the Event Business, Maintenance, Honey Production, Community Supported Agriculture, or Resource Management.