Programs & Events at Claymont

There are many ways that you can get involved at Claymont. If Residency isn’t the right option for you then perhaps being a Society Member, participating in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or even interning at Claymont through our WWOOFer Program might be right up your alley. Interested in only visiting for a short time? Check out what Fourth Way Retreats or practices that are currently being offered.

Are you interested in supporting the Claymont Society, it’s mission and vision for the future? Have you been a part of other Fourth Way working groups, events, or communities? Then you may be an ideal candidate to be a member of the Claymont Society. Members pay annual dues, are informed of upcoming community decisions, Board meetings, and the latest happenings and workings. Members are also invited to attend the Annual General Meeting held every fall. Interested? Contact us for more information, requirements, etc via Phone (304) 725-4437 or Email.

Bringing people together through shared labor & love…

The Claymont Society’s Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) is a way to share the bounty of the land with all those who wish to enjoy healthy, local food lovingly grown and freshly harvested. Every year the CSA runs from Early May to Mid October and grows a variety of different, unique and exciting produce. Community Supported Agriculture only works with the devotion of the local community. Pitching in together to weed the garden or harvest, sharing the fiscal burden of garden supplies, and planning together for a shared harvest is what makes this program so special. Together, we can have the ideal garden.

Casey & Chicks
CSA Eggs

The CSA Season will run from May 1st to October 18th , 25 weeks, and our format will continue as last year:  harvest on Thursday morning, followed by a pickup, every THURSDAY from 2pm to 9pm in the CSA room.

Our feature this year will be the work share, which encourages members to come out and garden in exchange for part or all of their share. This allows you to experience the full effect of connecting with food and community. Paid shares are also welcome.

WWOOFING at Claymont

What we do here… A big part of our work is running a seminar and retreat business. Generally speaking, you will be working at least 10 hours per week doing things necessary for the business. This usually includes cleaning, helping to prepare meals, and washing dishes. There are many other food tasks that come up intermittently, like food preserving and pickling, to name a few. Everyone in the community takes their turn participating in these tasks, and we often work in groups. There is also a lot of gardening work that needs to be done; from prepping the gardens in early spring, to planting and maintenance throughout the season and harvesting in the fall, with shared opportunities between the CSA garden and the local market garden. There is also some maintenance and grounds keeping work that goes along with maintaining the property and buildings.
Working in the Garden

Each WWOOFer is required to do 30-35 hours per week, averaging 5-6 hours per day per week, with one day off. Each week we prioritize the tasks that need to be accomplished and allocate them based on skill, interest and need. So you will not end up ‘stuck’ with one job or type of jobs for your whole stay, but have an opportunity to try your hand at many things.

Planting Rows
Who we are looking forWe are looking for fit, healthy, self motivated and interesting people. We want enthusiastic people who show up on time, pay attention and work to the best of their abilities. We want creative, inquiring minds that are willing to learn and contribute to creative processes. We are growing as a community, and embrace fresh perspectives and new ideas. We provide a physical, intellectual and spiritually stimulating environment, so if you are interested in growth in these areas, Claymont could be the perfect place for you!

People with a broad set of life skills do well here, and if you have good communication skills and are aware of the impact of your actions on other people you will find this a rewarding environment. Practically speaking, it’s an advantage if you can cook for yourself and keep things reasonably clean. The more specific practical skills you have the better, and if you have particular areas you want to work on we might be able to help.

Interested in WWOOFing? Contact us by Phone (304) 725-4437 or Email us.