Residential Expectations

Residents at Claymont are expected to participate in the practical and spiritual work at Claymont while taking care of and managing their own personal needs. Here are a few ways Residents contribute and what they are responsible for.


Community Meetings – Residents are expected to attend all Community meetings and activities. Every week Residents gather together to prepare the Seminar facilities for the upcoming week. This is followed by a community dinner and a Residential meeting. At Residential meetings Residents can share their contributions for the previous month, discuss community announcements, policies, changes, upcoming events, and much more. Weekly Inner Work Meetings are available to Residents to develop their spiritual practice and throughout the year there are work weekends and Community Events and activities.

Inner Work – Residents are expected to learn about J.G. Bennett and the Fourth Way. They are encouraged to develop their own spiritual practice by participating in community Inner Work, Practical Work opportunities, and by studying and practicing at home. Claymont is first adn foremost a spiritual community who helps facilitate Fourth Way weekends and other learning opportunities that Residents are encouraged to participate in. 


Community Contributions – Community can only funcation when all of its parts are working together with one purpose. Residents are expected to be a part of this working and contribute 40 hours per month. Activities range from cleaning and cooking for Seminars & Retreats, to tending the over 300 acres of beautiful preserved land, to taking on special projects to benefit the Residential and Societal Communities. There are as many ways to contribute as you can dream up!

Housing Responsibilities – Claymont is not an income sharing organization, so Residents are responsible for maintaining their own living areas and expenses. Claymont is responsible for structural integrity, but Residents are expected to maintain their homes, the surrounding grounds, basic maintenance, and to pay for their own heating, wood, cooking fuel, electricity, telephones, internet, cable, and other personal expenses. Residents are also asked to be responsible and notify maintenance of any needs their house might have to keep it functioning properly.