Our Mission


Through continuous education that supports diverse spiritual practice in daily life, we seek to promote the balanced and harmonious development of people, community, and the broader world. We build on the foundation established by J.G. Bennett and his teachers. June 29, 2014

Our Vision

It is our aim to serve the world both through work on ourselves and through outer service. We wish to create an educational environment that teaches an understanding of conscious awareness, the synergy created by unconditional love, and living a sustainable lifestyle. This includes practicing organic farming and doing research into ecology, agriculture, and energies. Central to all aspects of our mission is the development of a workable and sustainable community where people interact in a spirit of cooperation.


The Claymont Society for Continuous Education is both a non-profit educational organization and a community. Continuous education implies that by increasing the depth of our awareness and understanding we can be more fully connected to our environment, each other, and our own deeper nature, as well as living fully satisfying and meaningful lives. There are skills, concepts, and values that must be learned before we can shift from a self-centered existence to one that takes into consideration nature and our fellow humans.


The Claymont Society aims to offer a variety of educational means that enable this shift. We have classes and projects that demonstrate the skills required for sustainable living. We have on-going study groups and programs that aim to increase our capacity for attention, patience, consciousness, and love, which all lead to increased being and a true sense of community. We strive to have all programs have an educational component. For example the agriculture program is an opportunity to give interns a chance to learn organic gardening skills.


We have seminars, retreats, conferences, an organic garden, and various other programs that promote the goals of sustainability and continuous education. Those who work on and support these projects form the Claymont Community. Claymont aims at using the synergy of a diverse group of people engaged in a diverse set of projects to cooperate to form one well functioning organism that serves the aim of continuous education and also maintains the facilities and assets of the Claymont Society. The Claymont Society hosts like-minded groups who use our facilities for seminars and retreats that promote their own approaches to sustainable living and inner development. All of these programs have education as their common thread and are inter-dependent.